. Every nation has its unique culture, specifics and traditional costume. Japanese women proud of Kimono, Korean is known with Hanbok, Indian women impress people with Sari. And in Vietnam, Ao Dai were made for women’s gorgeousness and charm for a long time

 . Ao Dai is represented for Vietnamese culture,not only a beauty of sexiness but also fondness. It is a part of Vietnamese traditional and Vietnamese women who are hard working, sacrificed for family and supporting for the development of Vietnam. In periods of history, Ao Dai had been along with the country, Vietnamese spirits and culture for thousand years.

 . High-necked, charming and sexy are special features of Ao Dai which are Vietnamese pride. It is not only a dress; but also a symbol of Vietnamese women costume which is a cultural material traditional product.

 . Contributing Vietnamese beauty into the world, with 18 years experiences, Ao Dai Lotus wants to bring the most impressive product to you. Ao Dai Lotus always learns and improves our competence to satisfy your needs.